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No-Dice Games is a store based in, and servicing the area of Tillsonburg, Ontario.

After having successfully planned numerous events for companies/groups such as the Merrymount- Family Support and Crisis Centre and the London Community Cup, James Wegg, Michelle Webb, Scott Elliott and Cam Barber decided to start No-Dice Games – a company devoted to gaming-related event consultation, coordination, planning, and now sales.

Dedicated gamers each, they specialize in – but are not limited to – Magic: The Gathering, Warmachine, Force of Will, Kings of War, X-wing Miniatures, board games and Pokémon (Video Games).

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One of my favourite places for dessert!

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The rise and rise of tabletop gaming

A good read.

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Timeline Photos

Sign’s up at 46 Broadway St. Grand opening is October 1. What do you want to see us carry? This is your store Tillsonburg so make your voice..

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