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Curse of the Frozen Casket

Battle for Attoratica

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Alice of Light // Alice of Shadow - BFA-076 - R4$1.00$1.40
Bors, Returned Adventurer - BFA-002 - R2$0.50$0.70
Guardian Angel, Raphael - BFA-006 - R2$0.50$0.70
Interdimensional Escape - BFA-007 - R4$1.00$1.40
Kaguya, Rabbit Princess of the Lunar Halo - BFA-008 - SR4$1.00$1.40
Alisaris, Avatar of Destruction - BFA-016 - SR2$1.00$1.40
Battle for Attoractia - BFA-017 - R2$0.50$0.70
Lars, Inheritor of the Sacred Spirit // Glorian Princess of Water, Charlotte - BFA-077 - R2$0.50$0.70
True Successor of Certo, Volga - BFA-028 - R2$0.25$0.35
Ywain, Knight of Lions - BFA-030 - R2$0.50$0.70
Machine Sympathizer - BFA-038 - R2$0.50$0.70
Set Free - BFA-041 - R2$0.25$0.35
Shion, Liberator of Shangri-La - BFA-042 - SR2$1.00$1.40
Titania, Prideful Queen - BFA-045 - R4$0.75$1.00
Hare of Inaba - BFA-049 - SR2$0.50$0.70
High Speed Dash - BFA-050 - R2$0.50$0.70
Midsummer's Night King, Oberon - BFA-052 - R4$0.50$0.70
Reflect, the Beginning of Time // Refrain, the End of Ages - BFA-078 - R4$1.00$1.40
Slayer of the Overlord, Pricia // Possessor Princess of Love, Valentina - BFA-079 - R2$2.00$2.80
Yggdor, Beast of the World - BFA-060 - R2$0.50$0.70
Black Moonbeam - BFA-061 - R8$1.00$1.40
Hades, Lord of the Dead - BFA-068 - SR3$0.50$0.70
Interdimensional Monarch, Gill Lapis // Space-Time Pursuer, Gill Lapis - BFA-080 - R4$1.00$1.40
Lapis' Dark Storm - BFA-070 - U4$0.50$0.70
Melder, Last of the Dead - BFA-071 - R4$0.50$0.70
Riza, First of the Dead - BFA-074 - R4$0.50$0.70
Machine Lab of Leginus - BFA-084 - R2$0.50$0.70
Remote Control Golem - BFA-087 - R3$0.50$0.70
Small Assistant, Mariabella - BFA-088 - R4$1.50$2.00
Memoria of the Seven Lands // Arla, Guardian of the Skies - BFA-094 - R2$3.00$4.20
Memoria of the Seven Lands // Faria, Chosen Girl - BFA-091 - R2$3.00$4.20
Memoria of the Seven Lands // Machina, Clever Researcher - BFA-093 - R2$3.00$4.20
Memoria of the Seven Lands // Rezzard, Dark Necromancer - BFA-095 - R2$2.00$2.80

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